Linum usitatissimum

For the April windows at my flagship store, we decided to elevate the humble flax plant. In fact, we went as far as creating our own flax fields in each window. The dramatic visual demonstrates the beautiful organic origin of the most durable and versatile of fabrics: linen.

What sets linen apart—beyond its impressive history as a fabric of the ages—is its range of practical and observable characteristics. It’s got an open weave, making it lightweight and breezy, and it has natural wicking properties, making it perfect for use in warm-weather wear. Aesthetically, its varied textures—sometimes smooth, silky and lustrous, or subtly raised and nubby—allow for its use in a range of pieces appropriate for any number of occasions.

And I can’t talk about linen without mentioning its most notable feature: the wrinkles. It’s impossible not to assume some elegant rumpling whenever it’s worn. But, it’s worth noting that linen actually gets better with age. It becomes suppler and more relaxed with a carefree drape.

With spring upon us—and linen retaking a prominent place in the closet—what better time to give a nod to flax for the superlative cloth it produces.

Experience the linen pieces in my SS18 collection here.