Ageless Style

I’ve never felt dressing well had any connection to the concept of dressing “age appropriate.” I steadfastly believe that looking good is determined by confidence, and feeling comfortable in the clothes one wears. Composing a look that is artful and unique—and contemporary, not trendy—is what helps build that confidence and creates style that is ageless.

When I’m styling a new collection, I do a lot of layering to create modern, individualized looks. Mixing pieces in different patterns, textures and colors adds interest and depth—and produces personality. I’ll do something like take a white dress shirt in a smooth, lustrous fabric and layer on a jacket in an ivory and gray herringbone with a lofty, organic texture. I’ll pair that combination with ivory trousers in a silk and wool blend, and add a paisley scarf in a palette of soft grays as a finishing touch.

I also advocate for having several custom pieces. Any article of clothing that fits impeccably will always look great. I think a classic custom garment can also act as the perfect foil for more unique pieces and unexpected hues and textural combinations. For example, I’ll take a rich blue custom suit in a more traditional cut and combine it with a soft blue check dress shirt, a striped tie in cool, washed blues and a subtly patterned navy silk pocket square. There are timeless elements, yet the look offers an interesting tonal color palette and contrasting patterns that make it distinctive.

I want my clothing to inspire, so I design clothes men want to wear. When someone has a thoughtfully curated wardrobe of pieces they feel good in, they’ve got the ingredients to create a look that conveys personal style—not a number. To me, that’s ageless dressing.

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