Modern Formalwear

Far from a full departure of perennial eveningwear yet notably contemporary and fresh, the current formalwear landscape at Joseph Abboud gives a deserving nod to the classics while simultaneously encouraging modern individuality.

There exists an elevated medium between dressed-down and entirely elegant attire. When your cordial invitation requests a blend of the two, you can easily convey a new kind of refinement by infusing your own stylistic approach.

Dabbling in Italy’s beloved spezzato, the artful rule-breaking practice of mixing contrasting suit separates to form an altogether enlivening look, is a refreshing way to get the most out of your suits.

Pair lighter suit jackets with patterned accents that encapsulate your taste. A weightless floral shirt that peeks past a satin lapel formal jacket forms a youthful combination.

An attractive substitute for the classic tie, a printed silk or linen scarf adds movement, dimension and complexity to any silhouette and can energize even the stiffest ensembles.

Dark peak lapel jackets look tastefully balanced with sun-friendly ivory silk formal slacks. Donning a shawl collar double-breasted vest with contrasting slacks can also serve as an alluring stand-in for the traditional vested tuxedo.

These resplendent additions compose charming looks that invigorate contemporary formalwear as we know it. Be it gargantuan summer galas or intimate engagements, the pursuit of sophistication begins with exquisite formalwear. We encourage you to boldly make it your own.