Tying it All Together

A carefully selected tie can be a key element in a fully developed outfit. That tie will help to settle the question of how dynamic, distinguished or subdued your look will be. It should never be an afterthought.

I reflect on the significance of the tie whenever I conceptualize a new collection. The designs, colors and patterns of my ties must echo the moods and tones I establish with the clothing. I also consider the importance of proportion, fabric and construction.

I collaborate with Barbara Blank of JS Blank & Co. on my ties. She’s of the third generation behind the superlative handmade neckwear the company has been crafting for almost 100 years. The process starts when Barbara visits textile mills in Italy and brings back swatches of seasonal fabrics. I’ll pore over the delicate silks and select those that will expand the story behind my newest collection. The mills will also accommodate requests for re-colors of any patterns I’ve chosen.

After the silks have been sourced, artisans at JS Blank and Co. hand make each tie in New York. They approach the work in the same focused way and with the integrity the company has been known for since opening in 1920. The unique pieces reinforce the confidence and distinctive style of the wearer and always demonstrate exquisite taste.

I invite you to experience the singular style and quality of my tie collection here.

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