The Ageless Accoutrement

Over the last few years hats have enjoyed a resurgence of popularity. The fashion-forward are recognizing that these timeless accent pieces can elevate any casual look or punctuate formal style. Hats also have the ability to hone personal expression — the right type of hat, in the right color and material, can reinforce looks that range from dignified to jaunty.

I began collaborating with New York-based milliner Albertus Swanepoel when I decided to introduce hats into my Fall/Winter 2015 collection. Our process begins by discussing the shapes that will best suit the clothing, how the hats will be styled and whether any embellishments — like feathers or crests — will be added based on the theme of the line. Then, all of my hats are handmade in his Manhattan studio with characteristic delicacy.

The superb craftsmanship and unique design enhance my work by reinforcing the spirit of my clothes. Like me, Swanepoel doesn’t replicate or do retro — his designs capture an eclectic and adventurous vitality indicative of the modern era.

Having the ability to articulate personal creativity is important, and wearing a great hat is a skillful way to do it. I relish helping to bring back these style-enhancing accessories to a place of prominence in a man’s repertoire of style.

Exclusively sold at our Flagship store in Manhattan, New York.