Custom: American Style

I’ve found that once a guy has been initiated into the world of custom, he’ll keep visiting. He knows that when the garment he’s wearing is right—really right—he’s achieved a level of sophistication and confidence he might not always reach with a ready-to-wear garment.

Looking exceptional is part of a strategic process. It involves having a vision and an openness to collaborating with master tailors and experts in the custom experience. Each element of a custom garment is carefully selected to enhance the others and create fluid lines and a flattering silhouette. When you’re building your wardrobe with custom suits, sport coats, vests or formal pieces, there are several things to consider to ensure there’s an affinity between unique details, the combination of fabrics and the silhouette—For example, we offer a tremendous variety of fabrics at our factory in New Bedford, Massachusetts, where most garments are crafted. We even offer limited edition fabrics I used for pieces in my runway collection. I think having a much broader selection of the foundational ingredient in a garment guarantees all the other elements will gracefully build upon each other. For me, custom clothing is the perfect vehicle for self-expression. It sends a message thoughtfully considered by the wearer—a very personalized version of “sometimes one suit doesn’t fit all.”

No matter how much deliberation went into selecting just the right cut, color, collar, cuffs, etc., a custom piece of clothing will appear effortless and fluent in the language of advanced style. And regardless of whether you go bold or opt for something more nuanced, I know that a custom garment will anchor any look with elegance.