Fall 2018: 21st Century Glamor

The Fall 2018 collection offers a modern take on style inspired by the classic Hollywood icon—an effortless interplay of elegance, luxury, formality and precise tailoring.

In order to create a contemporary twist, I worked with a range of unexpected fabrics that included exploded herringbone and houndstooth, bold windowpane patterns and pinstripes, along with velvet, quilted suede and opulent brocades. And I incorporated sophisticated details like lustrous satin and suede piping and shearling lapels.

I also chose a dramatic color palette of smoky and silvery grays, black, deep blues, rich browns and dark teal set off by a few dramatic red pieces. The range of tones, striking patterns and mélange weaves gave the sumptuous fabrics and knits a dappled effect that reflects the transition into of fall; the notable duskiness and organic textures of the season seem more intense than during any other time of year.

In addition, I cut fuller silhouettes to create more movement in some pieces, especially outerwear, and also played with proportion while adhering to sharply defined shapes made possible by master tailoring.

While the collection as a whole calls to mind the style exemplified by idols of the silver screen, I gave my own spin to a classic aesthetic. I want the clothes to elicit robustness, refinement and confidence, prompting excitement in the act of dressing up.