Ageless Style

I’ve never felt dressing well had any connection to the concept of dressing “age appropriate.” I steadfastly believe that looking good is determined by confidence, and feeling comfortable in the clothes one wears. Composing a look that is artful and unique—and contemporary, not trendy—is what helps build that confidence and creates style that is ageless. […]

Fall 2018: 21st Century Glamor

The Fall 2018 collection offers a modern take on style inspired by the classic Hollywood icon—an effortless interplay of elegance, luxury, formality and precise tailoring. In order to create a contemporary twist, I worked with a range of unexpected fabrics that included exploded herringbone and houndstooth, bold windowpane patterns and pinstripes, along with velvet, quilted suede […]

Custom: American Style

I’ve found that once a guy has been initiated into the world of custom, he’ll keep visiting. He knows that when the garment he’s wearing is right—really right—he’s achieved a level of sophistication and confidence he might not always reach with a ready-to-wear garment. Looking exceptional is part of a strategic process. It involves having […]

The Ageless Accoutrement

Over the last few years hats have enjoyed a resurgence of popularity. The fashion-forward are recognizing that these timeless accent pieces can elevate any casual look or punctuate formal style. Hats also have the ability to hone personal expression — the right type of hat, in the right color and material, can reinforce looks that […]

Tying it All Together

A carefully selected tie can be a key element in a fully developed outfit. That tie will help to settle the question of how dynamic, distinguished or subdued your look will be. It should never be an afterthought. I reflect on the significance of the tie whenever I conceptualize a new collection. The designs, colors […]

Linum usitatissimum

For the April windows at my flagship store, we decided to elevate the humble flax plant. In fact, we went as far as creating our own flax fields in each window. The dramatic visual demonstrates the beautiful organic origin of the most durable and versatile of fabrics: linen. What sets linen apart—beyond its impressive history […]

Treading Stylishly

My first encounter with Artemis was during a trip to Nantucket. I came across their stunning men’s slippers, which came in a number of incredible shades and textures. Each pair was unique, yet luckily my favorite happened to come in my size. The designer Milicent Armstrong created the brand. She repurposes vintage kilim — flat […]

A Regal Reputation

Linen is known as a noble fabric, favored by ancient civilization’s aristocracy. While linen has been democratized over the last few thousand years, many of the reasons for its continued use remain the same, like its durability and breathability. And now its appearance is also valued as much as its practicality—there’s undeniable charm in linen’s […]

The Art of Mixology

Some of the most creative and exciting developments in fashion today involve combining unexpected patterns and colors. To some, pairing black with brown, mixing disparate patterns and tonal dressing may be seen as breaking conventional “rules.” But I welcome the unforeseen—and love to create artful looks by reconsidering fashion norms. Black and brown I like […]