A Regal Reputation

Linen is known as a noble fabric, favored by ancient civilization’s aristocracy. While linen has been democratized over the last few thousand years, many of the reasons for its continued use remain the same, like its durability and breathability. And now its appearance is also valued as much as its practicality—there’s undeniable charm in linen’s organic textures and finishes, which lends it to countless applications.

For clothing, I consider linen primarily a warm weather textile. When I’m styling linen looks during the spring and summer months, I like to keep layering light. I’ll mix 100% linen pieces with linen blends. The subtle contrasts between different fibers and textures create interest and depth, even when wearing only a few pieces.

I also focus on color and pattern. A linen blend sport shirt with a diminutive floral motif or narrow stripe works great with linen pants or a suit coat in a solid color. And while I love creating tonal looks in neutral palettes of beige and ivory, I often move into blues and grays. Seeing cool, calming shades in an open weave fabric like linen seems to counteract the intensity of the summer sun’s rays.

And there is linen’s versatility. Pieces featuring a looser cut and causal drape in a wrinkled, nubby textured linen always look effortless. Structured pieces with a smoother texture and subtly lustrous finish can work for more formal garments, while still providing a look of ease and comfort.

I think linen’s splendidness, elegance and functionality will ensure it continues to be prized for its notable excellence. See more of my linen story.