Modern Formalwear

Far from a full departure of perennial eveningwear yet notably contemporary and fresh, the current formalwear landscape at Joseph Abboud gives a deserving nod to the classics while simultaneously encouraging modern individuality. There exists an elevated medium between dressed-down and entirely elegant attire. When your cordial invitation requests a blend of the two, you can […]

A Regal Reputation

Linen is known as a noble fabric, favored by ancient civilization’s aristocracy. While linen has been democratized over the last few thousand years, many of the reasons for its continued use remain the same, like its durability and breathability. And now its appearance is also valued as much as its practicality—there’s undeniable charm in linen’s […]

The Art of Mixology

Some of the most creative and exciting developments in fashion today involve combining unexpected patterns and colors. To some, pairing black with brown, mixing disparate patterns and tonal dressing may be seen as breaking conventional “rules.” But I welcome the unforeseen—and love to create artful looks by reconsidering fashion norms. Black and brown I like […]

Loosen Up

As we move through this era of the skinny suit, the logical progression in men’s fashion is to move in the opposite direction. While menswear never works well in the extreme, there is a definite movement toward easing up fits. This change is more gradual and gentle since “shape” remains important, but “tight” will soon […]

Euro Trad

Euro Trad’ is one of the hottest new ideas coming out of Europe. Leading brands have recently transformed traditional menswear concepts so often associated with traditional American clothes, into richly textured and energized looks with global appeal. Fabrics such as glen plaids, herringbones, and flannels are more aggressive and more exaggerated than their classic predecessors. […]

Knit Blitz

Knit dressing has emerged as one of the fastest growth categories in menswear. Forever a perennial in womenswear, knitwear has now brought a new dimension to a man’s wardrobe in all product categories. While it may have started with sweaters, knit shirts, and the sweat pant, it can now be found in blazers, soft jackets, […]

Peacock Revolution

Menswear changed dramatically in the mid sixties through the early seventies. In the fifties, men dressed with a dreary conformity in nebulous, shapeless suits with little or no personality. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, menswear is turned on its head and the Peacock Revolution begins on what are now some of London’s most recognized locations […]

Running Parallel

Stripes are back. But, then, they have never really gone away. One of the cornerstones of menswear, stripes have always been prevalent in all categories: suits, sport jackets, shirts, ties, sportswear and in just about every accessory possible such as socks and bags for example. Recently, we have seen menswear dominated by plaids and checks in […]

The Ancient Fabric

Dating back to almost the beginning of recorded history, linen has been the fabric of choice for pharaohs and kings. More recently, linen has become a staple in stylish men’s closets around the world because of its comfort and wearability in the warm-weather months. But more than the practicality and coolness of this venerable cloth, […]