The Ageless Accoutrement

Over the last few years hats have enjoyed a resurgence of popularity. The fashion-forward are recognizing that these timeless accent pieces can elevate any casual look or punctuate formal style. Hats also have the ability to hone personal expression — the right type of hat, in the right color and material, can reinforce looks that […]

Tying it All Together

A carefully selected tie can be a key element in a fully developed outfit. That tie will help to settle the question of how dynamic, distinguished or subdued your look will be. It should never be an afterthought. I reflect on the significance of the tie whenever I conceptualize a new collection. The designs, colors […]

Treading Stylishly

My first encounter with Artemis was during a trip to Nantucket. I came across their stunning men’s slippers, which came in a number of incredible shades and textures. Each pair was unique, yet luckily my favorite happened to come in my size. The designer Milicent Armstrong created the brand. She repurposes vintage kilim — flat […]

American Sole

When it comes to building truly polished style, shoes are an integral component. Footwear is literally foundational to your look and how you build your reputation as a tastemaker. Your shoes, and even the way you lace them, project a certain air, whether it be sophisticated, formal or effortlessly elegant. One suit may demand an […]

An Italian Original

What makes fabric exceptional? Yes, it’s partially the quality of the raw material used to create it, where it’s sourced, and how it’s handled and woven. But of nearly equal importance is the innovation behind it – the desire to blend modern manufacturing techniques with traditional craftsmanship for one-of-a-kind results. This achievement is the primary […]

Weaving the Way

I produced my first collection 30 years ago with the same passion for quality and integrity I have today. When your brand bears your name, there is added responsibility—everything represents who you are and what you stand for. While I conceptualized the designs, I knew my choice of fabrics would be crucial. Thus began my […]