The Devil’s in the Details

The ceremonious suit jacket is a wardrobe staple for the majority of men. The form, the fabric and the proportion of the lapels are tried-and-true determiners of the level of formality. And then there’s the often overlooked pocket, which has its own important contribution to make.

While I conceptualized designs for my SS18 collection, I decided to explore the boundaries of the conventional dressed-up suit jacket—and push them a bit—by reconsidering perceptions of what this article of clothing could be. I started by leaving out the jetted and flap pockets and turning to a more unassuming option: the patch.

Working with patch pockets—those practical pouches attached to the outside of casual coats and blazers—allowed me to practice a bit of design alchemy. By mixing a utilitarian element into the silhouette of the fairly traditional suit jacket, I was able to transform a prescriptive look into something that was both timeless and contemporary.

I worked with pocket shape, size, position and placement along with variations in topstitching—and recognized the patch pocket as a subtle yet versatile element that could revive a beautiful customary look by creating a congruence between casualized details and lofty design.

My assertion this season is that unexpected flourishes, which may at first seem contradictory, can create a sense of ease and flexibility in line with modern dressing.

Experience the innovative details of the suit jackets included in my SS18 collection here.