Custom: American Style

I’ve found that once a guy has been initiated into the world of custom, he’ll keep visiting. He knows that when the garment he’s wearing is right—really right—he’s achieved a level of sophistication and confidence he might not always reach with a ready-to-wear garment. Looking exceptional is part of a strategic process. It involves having […]


There are no new colors, therefore no new color combinations that haven’t already somehow found their way into designer collections over the years. Certainly, colors, like clothing styles, come in and out of vogue depending on the whim of the fashion press and the mood of the consumer. But now, an interesting phenomenon has taken […]

Double Time

The double-breasted suit and navy blazer had been perennials in the well-dressed man’s closet for years, dating back to the turn of the twentieth century and perhaps even earlier than that. But in the last two decades, double-breasted has somehow fallen out of favor for the fashion-forward crowd. Fast forward to 2016 and double-breasted clothing […]

No-Print Print

The evolution of prints over the last five or six years has been moving at the speed of light. When we first began to see prints in apparel in this most recent “print” cycle, they were bold and obvious in strongly contrasted colorations and mostly confined to sport shirts. They were also one dimensional in […]

Ticket To Ride

Years ago, when you were being fitted for your Savile Row, custom-made suit by your personal tailor, you probably had him add that one dashing detail for that finishing sartorial (and practical) touch…a ticket pocket. Whether it was for your train tickets for Waterloo station or your tickets for the London theater, you were well-dressed […]