Linen and Olive: A Ubiquitous Pair

Our collective memory has established linen and olive as the visual signatures of summer, so it is unsurprising this union conveys, beyond pleasing aesthetics, profound historical and stylistic connotations. Decidedly antiquated yet concurrently situated in modernity, linen and olive are one of the distinguished couples of Joseph Abboud’s summer 2019 collection. Warm months ahead demand […]

Olive Branch

Men’s color is branching out to the new greens and the olive family is leading the way. These rich and intriguing tones are as varied as the clothing categories they color for Fall 2016. Starting with the exploding textural textiles permeating tailored clothing, olive has replaced many of the more traditional greens in herringbones, plaids, […]

Summer Sunset Colors

With all the focus on the new textures, patterns and twisted yarns for Summer 2016, interesting color nuances have evolved in this season’s designer clothing and sportswear. But what about color? How can we offer bolder, stronger shades and not look like yesterday’s news? How can this vibrant output of color still be shown with […]

Surf and Surfari

Two specific trends, Safari and Nautical, have dominated menswear collections for years, however they were always distinct from each other….never the twain shall meet sort of thing. But every once in awhile, a new concept is born when there is an innovative fusion of unexpected elements (very much like our new American cuisine). That is […]

New Neutrals

Season after season, the one thing that remains constant in menswear is the predominance of easy to wear, understandable and understated color. This color palette is especially relevant for Fall 15. In truth, there are no new color combinations, but what is new and exciting is that textures have become the next generation of color. […]

The New Brown

A color by any other name… Of all the wearable color palettes available to men (and there aren’t that many), the color family that includes naturals, neutrals and earth tones, commonly labeled “brown,” is perhaps the most dynamic and, undoubtedly, the most misunderstood when it comes to a man’s wardrobe. But that’s because the word brown itself is […]

A Warm Welcome from the West Coast

As the snow finally melts, my excitement for the new season increases. Spring is here, which means one thing: time to clear out our closets and make room for casual, warm weather clothing.   The natural progression of seasons has always inspired me – what fascinates me most about springtime is that everywhere I go, […]