LA Fashion Festival Selection

We are pleased to announce our fashion film “Into the Wild” has been officially selected for the 2019 LA Fashion Film Festival. Filmed in the lush rainforest and beaches of Puerto Rico, “Into the Wild” highlights our Spring/Summer 2019 collection and tells a story of expression and assertion, becoming one with nature’s beautiful chaos. The […]

Fall 2018: 21st Century Glamor

The Fall 2018 collection offers a modern take on style inspired by the classic Hollywood icon—an effortless interplay of elegance, luxury, formality and precise tailoring. In order to create a contemporary twist, I worked with a range of unexpected fabrics that included exploded herringbone and houndstooth, bold windowpane patterns and pinstripes, along with velvet, quilted suede […]

Spring 2018: Illusion and Truth

The SS18 collection takes inspiration from 1930s and 40s Hollywood—a golden age for elegant and opulent menswear. It tells the story of dashing film stars and daring directors seen in precisely tailored pieces that are emboldened by unique details and subtly exaggerated shapes. The plot involves formal, restrained structures featured in deep, dramatic hues and […]

Fall 2017: Hero Of The Night

Inspired by Gothic elements of the dark and dramatic, the 30th Anniversary Collection takes an unexpected turn towards a deeper color palette, abandoning ethereal tones in favor of rich, enigmatic shades that blend luxury with intrigue. A brooding palette of dark grays, indigo and aubergine tell the story of a protagonist in a cryptic encounter […]

Spring 2017: Deconstructed Elegance

Inspired by Hemingway’s classic works and personal travels, the Spring 2017 Collection is a nod to the beauty found in the creative process. Shown in the vulnerable state of writing, artists reveal their raw labor of passion flowing onto paper, typing their truth to the world. Garments of cascading linen, calming ivory and neutral tones […]

Fall/Winter 2016: English Countryside

Mixing refined romance with rugged masculinity, the Fall 2016 Collection is inspired by the English countryside of the Romantic era. Soft yet strong textures converge against a valiant lead featured in a cinematic landscape. Surrounded by mysterious mists and sweeping grounds, he stands noble and unafraid, surveying the expansive land. Tartan plaids, vintage cashmeres and […]